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Mercury-Blueberry Marshmallow
Mercury - Blueberry Marshmallow

Your are my Mercurius, my wisdom.

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Venus-Yuzu Pear
Venus - Yuzu Pear

Your beauty attract me so deeply my Venus.

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Earth-Sea salted Vanilla
Earth - Sea salted Vanilla

Earth, the bringer of life, the bringer of love.

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Mars-Rose Lychee Raspberry
Mars - Rose Lychee Raspberry

You made me human, and no matter what happens, it was worth it.

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Jupiter-Banana Chocolate Crunch
Jupiter - Banana Chocolate Crunch

Every day I listen to my heart, I know I'm not alone.

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Saturn-Sea salted Chocolate
Saturn - Sea salted Chocolate

Pan, the avatar of Saturn, you are no longer alone anymore with me.

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Uranus-Lemon Lime
Uranus - Lemon Lime

Enjoy the freshness of today, just like Uranus. Now is our joy.

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Neptune - Yakult

As a romanticist, love is always my choice.

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Pluto - Rosé

Until one day, you will see my love on you.

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Galaxy-Popping Candy
Galaxy - Popping Candy

It is my honor to be your galaxy.

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Sun-Blood orange Strawberry
Sun - Blood orange Strawberry

The dawn has arrived, feel the love's glory.

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Moon-Honey Vanilla
Moon - Honey Vanilla

The new moon is rising, shining our night.

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Hope- Black Sesame Matcha
Hope - Black Sesame Matcha

There is a light at the end of the darkness, and it shines on your heart with hope.

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