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Story of Chroma

Chroma is a pastry brand based in London, and was established in Hong Kong in 2017. Our brand name, Chroma, is derived from Chromium, a chemical element known for producing vibrant colour when different ions combine.

We metaphorically represents itself as Chromium,  aiming to offer an extraordinary palate experience by blending diverse ideas and elements to create an unparalleled delicacy.

The Universe is our Muses.

Akin to the sparks adorning the galaxy with uniqueness, our products are unparalleled. Each collision of colour gives birth to a new universe, and by pouring the galaxy and universe over the cake, we ensure that every single cake becomes a special and one-of-a-kind treat, just like you!

Zeniverse Tea Spread

Our signature tea spread is locally made with high quality tea from Uji,Japan, Thailand and UK local.


No matter spread it on toast, or swirl it with milk.The INTENSE and RICH flavour of tea with smooth texture of milk and cream would definitely bring you to the realm of tranquility.

Signature Starry Mirror Cake

With an exquisite blend of flavours and textures, complemented by the ingenious combination of Eastern ingredients and French patisserie craftsmanship, our personalised mirror mousse cake offers a truly unique tasting adventure, encapsulated within a single bite.

The colour of the cake can be customised according to your preferences, with a wide range of options available for your consideration. Feel free to explore our gallery on the Home page or reach out to us via WhatsApp to discuss your designated colour palette.

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