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For all orders with cake included, ONLY Pick-And-Collect service is available. After placing the order, we will contact you directly via WhatsApp to confirm the booking date and time.

Each Starry Mirror Cake is made to order, please place orders 5-7 days ahead for arrangement.

For any urgent inquiry, please >>click here<<  WhatsApp to contact us.

Starry Tote Bag

Starry Tote Bag

Introducing our exquisite printed Starry Tote Bag! It is made from premium cotton and canvas. With its extra thick bag design and clever shaping seam at the bottom, our tote bag provides ample volume and exceptional functionality, making it the perfect choice for your everyday needs. Get ready to experience the ultimate blend of style and practicality with our stunning tote bag.


🌌Every tote bag wil include a little cakiverse planet pin randomly!! Enjoy the surpriseness!! ðŸŒŒ

    Expected to ship by end of June
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